Jonatan Lohne Anabalon (M.A. student)

Jonatan Lohne Anabalòn holds a BA in social anthropology from the University of Bergen and is currently enrolled in the department’s MA program.

His BA explores how everyday forms of resistance, studied anthropologically, can be used as a vantage point for studying how power operates. He mobilizes the works of Pierre Bourdieu, Michel Foucault, James Scott, Abu-Lughod and Aihwa Ong to discuss the interrelations between power, resistance, change, continuity, economy and ways of being female among factory workers in Malaysia.

He is currently working on his MA thesis based on a half year long fieldwork among artists and dancers at the Oceania Center for Arts, Culture and Pacific Studies (OCACPS) located at the University of the South Pacific (USP) in Suva, Fiji. Through participant observation of the ongoing creative processes at the OCACPS including the opera “Karmen”, “The Graduation Choir” and the ensemble “Pasifica Voices”, his ambition is to contribute to an anthropology of experience which withholds an emphasis on cultural specificity and at the same time achieves a potential for cross-cultural comparison from the vantage point of Pacific performative arts as embedded in the crossroads between the local and the global. The thesis is due in June, 2015.


Department of Social Anthropology
University of Bergen
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