Håkon Larsen


Håkon Larsen (PhD candidate)

M.A., University of Bergen

Håkon Larsen is a social anthropologist who is currently positioned as a Ph.D. candidate at the University of Bergen. As a member of Bergen Pacific Studies and with fieldwork experience from Fiji, his interest in research has focused on the socioenvironmental aspects of spearfishing, rural development, resilience, and subsistence economics in the island group of Lau. With his Ph.D. project, Larsen is focused more broadly on processes of ocean territorialization in the Pacific region and beyond, exploring the social configuration, imagination, and contested negotiation of ocean space, with particular attention to conservation strategies and deep-sea mining.
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Photo of Håkon Larsen


Department of Social Anthropology
University of Bergen
P.O. Box 7800
N-5020 Bergen