Ane Straume

Ane Straume (Ph.D. candidate)

M.A., University of Bergen

Ane Straume is a project manager and administrative leader for CISMAC (Centre for Intervention Science in Maternal and Child Health), a Centre for Excellence at the University of Bergen’s Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care. 


currently a PhD candidate at the department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen, Norway.

Intrigued by questions related to disease, illness and health Straume combined her BA studies in social anthropology with studies in medicine and medical anthropology. She then joined the Bergen Pacific Studies Group and commenced work on her MA. Based on 6 months of field research conducted in 2008 in rural areas of Santa Isabel, Solomon Islands, she completed her MA thesis entitled Medicine of the Past in the Present: A Study of Medical Knowledge and Practice in a Solomon Islands Village.

In her on-going PhD research, Straume explores health and illness in a Solomon Islands context with a focus on the interfaces between traditional and modern medical knowledge and practices, between health and healthcare in rural and urban settings, and between national and global health policies and their application on the ground level.


Department of Global Public Health and Primary Care
University of Bergen
P.O. Box 7804
520 Bergen