Rolf Scott

Rolf Scott

M.A., Ph.D., University of Bergen

Scott is a researcher at the Department of Social Anthropology, University of Bergen. His research focuses on the phenomenology, history and dynamics of global space; how it manifests itself in contemporary times, and how it influences the life of groups and individuals. His work includes investigating Western people who sail around the world, the revitalisation of Polynesian Navigation in Hawaii, and the historical emergence of photography and film. Scott is also a documentary film producer, and has filmed and directed a whole range of ethnographic films.

His experience includes a three-year circumnavigation of the world on a sailing yacht, followed by 11 months of fieldwork investigating the life of such people. Scott has also spent four months in Hawai’i doing research on the revitalisation of Polynesian voyaging. In connection with the making of documentary films he has carried out brief fieldwork in several Pacific locations and elsewhere.


Department of Social Anthropology
University of Bergen.
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