Geir Henning Presterudstuen


Geir Henning Presterudstuen

Geir Henning Presterudstuen is an Associate Professor in Social Anthropology at the University of Bergen (UiB) and has conducted long-term fieldwork in Fiji, Australia and other Pacific Island communities since 2009. He joined UiB in 2022 after spending his early career in at Western Sydney University and University of Sydney, Australia. His main research interests are the intersections between social categories such as ethnicity, gender, class and sexuality in context of modernity and social change, anthropology of gender and the body, economic anthropology, lived religion, monsters and beliefs in the supernatural. Key publications include the recent monograph Performing Masculinity: Body, Self and Identity in Modern Fiji (2020 Routledge), three edited volumes: Monster Anthropology: Ethnographic Explorations of Transforming Social Worlds Through Monsters (2020 Bloomsbury w/ Yasmine Musharbash), Anthropologies of Value: Cultures of Accumulation across the Global North and South (2016 Pluto Press, w/ L.F. Angosto Ferrandez) and Monster Anthropology in Australasia and Beyond (2014 Palgrave Macmillan, w/ Yasmine Musharbash), as well as a number of articles in international journals.

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Department of Social Anthropology
University of Bergen
P.O. Box 7800
N-5020 Bergen