Alice Servy


Alice Servy (Affiliated Senior Scholar)

B.A., Social Sciences, University of Paris Descartes, France
M.A., Social Sciences, School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, France
Ph.D., Anthropology, School for Advanced Studies in Social Sciences, France

Alice Servy is Associate Professor in anthropology at the University of Strasbourg.

Her research in Oceania sheds light on the production and transformation of health and gender-related discourses and practices. Having previously focused on the prevention of sexually transmitted infections and on interpersonal violence in Vanuatu, she is currently working on inter-island and international medical evacuations of people diagnosed with cancer in French Polynesia. In 2023, Alice Servy will start a research project on mental health among people with cancer in Vanuatu.

For a detailed list of publications, see here

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Institut d’ethnologie

Université de Strasbourg
Faculté des sciences sociales
22 rue René Descartes
67084 Strasbourg cedex